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Our Story


Our history is not our present but being one of London’s oldest caterers having been formed in 1968 means we have evolved and improved over the past 55 years to ensure that we remain relevant in an ever developing industry. It also means we have the experience to be adaptable to all the complexities that events entail without ever losing our friendly and calm demeanour!

Pre Covid (maybe PC will be the next reference point in time!) our main focus was on London event catering in the stunning venues that inhabit the Capital. However the next phase of our evolution, forced upon us by the global pandemic made us re evaluate how we fit in the event world and we decided to move our focus to the Hertfordshire area (where our production kitchen is based). This move was instigated through our desire to work with clients in more intimate settings where our ethos of quality, local food, beautifully presented alongside the values that we all feel at ‘home’ with would be more pertinent. We don’t want to sell you the dream, rather we want to make YOUR dream a reality.

Richmond is a small company with our sole focus being the enjoyment of our clients. Our passion is ensuring that each event is perfectly matched to your individual needs, we take the time to get to know clients as people to guarantee that each event is as unique as we are as people. Our modest and dedicated team’s main devotion to the industry we inhabit is excellent customer service and (sometimes to our own detriment) believing that no barriers prevent us from exceeding our client’s expectations.

Whatever your celebration or reason to be looking for a caterer or event organiser, look no further, get in touch and become a part of our world!




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